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This page is intended to collect projects and software I've worked on, either in my spare time or for work.

R Markdown Templates/Miscellaneous Functions (trsmisc)

trsmisc is an R package that so far includes a clean PDF template for producing R Markdown documents vi LaTeX.

Multi-player Coin Flip Simlulator (bcf)

bcf is an R package that simulates the outcome of a generic \(N\)-player competition and builds up a distribution of results. Each player is assumed to have a base win probability drawn from a distribution, and each game is simulated as a series of coin flips: each player's probability of obtaining a “Heads” result is drawn from their own distribution.

I built this package to (1) learn a bit more about the R package development process and (2) apply Bayesian inference to our office's win probabilities in games of darts.

Neo4j Database Manager

This “database manager” is a small Python script (using docopt) that I hacked together to swap Neo4j databases during development or testing. This requires updating the Neo4j configuration file in place each time, so I automated the process. It got picked up in This Week in Neo4j, too, which was pretty cool.

It's a pretty simple tool—and there's a lot of room for improvement—but it served its purpose while I was diving into Neo4j.

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