10,000 Fathers – Invitation, Volume One

May 5, 2015 at 7 AM

The 10,000 Fathers Worship School run by Aaron Keyes released a new record today, and I really like it (you could purchase it from iTunes or Amazon, listen on Spotify, or stream the first few tracks for free at their website). I think I found out about the worship school from my good friend Duane Mixon, who has a track on the record (and a good one at that), and another friend from Wilmington has been a part of the school as well.

Knowing a little of the heart behind the school and hearing the first track, Invitation Song, I was excited enough to preorder the record and as a result received it a week ahead of the release. For me, highlights (or at least probably my most-listened tracks) are Invitation Song (also see the accompanying video), Rend the Heavens, Love Lifted Me, and Never Ending Love. A couple of these have already racked up some impressive numbers on my iTunes play counter — they’re really good.

But (surprisingly, at least to me) that’s all a bit secondary. I enjoy the record, and the music and melodies certainly do it for me, but this record has already made a mark where relatively few do. On their website announcing the launch is the line “May the deep places in your heart be awakened to His reality all around and within you.” This record has already gone some distance in making that a reality. As the first track says…

Open up our eyes to see You in the ordinary,
We don’t want to miss You anymore
Open every eye to see every day
Everything is burning with the glory of the Lord.

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