Christmas at DPAC 2014

February 6, 2015 at 11 PM

The Summit Church, our church here in Raleigh, has held Christmas Eve services at the Durham Performing Arts Center each of the last three years, and I’ve had the great privilege of being a part of the most recent two with Summit Worship. I’ve posted below the recording from the 2014 services — if you want a good time but aren’t looking to invest an hour and a half, check out music director Branden’s piano piece (30:55), Hank Murphy and campus pastor Chris Green rapping1 (37:50), or pastor J.D.’s message (44:16).

If the Christmas Eve program piques your interest, a few good places to poke around are Summit’s Sermons Vimeo channel, messages page, and podcast on iTunes.

  1. Hank’s song, Messiah, is available on iTunes and Spotify↩︎

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